St. Gellért Academy Orchestra

Founded by the St. Gellért Institute of Music and Ethics of Gál Ferenc College

Patron: S.E.R. Dr. László Kiss-Rigó, Bishop of Szeged-Csanád Diocese

Founder and Artistic Director: Robert Christian Bachmann

Music Director: Yoon Kuk Lee

St. Gellért Academy Orchestra can be characterised by the inspired unity of spirit and soul together with stylistic awareness and spontaneity, which is the basis of its rich musical expressiveness. As the orchestra of the St. Gellért Festival, it was founded in 2008.

At the request of Bishop László Kiss-Rigó, Robert Christian Bachmann Artistic Director organised the orchestra bringing together young, talented professional musicians in the spirit of St. Gellért.

St. Gellért Academy Orchestra, with the artistic leadership of Robert Christian Bachmann and Music Director Yoon Kuk Lee, performs classical music in an innovative way with a fine line of balance between masterpieces of the past and contemporary musical compositions.