Dear Music Loving Audience

St. Gellért Festival is organized for the 11th time this year by the Diocese of Szeged–Csanád. The festival is connected to the feast day of martyr St. Gellért, the first bishop of the diocese.

This year’s concert series lasts from 21st September to 1st October 2018, and the audience is hoped to enjoy some really peculiar pieces of classical music experiencing the colourful music life of the city of Szeged. These masterpieces of classical music are performed according to the newest approaches accepted in European music culture. This year’s festival programme includes orchestra concerts, chamber concerts and a charity concert, as well as scientific lectures.

Supporting young talented musicians has always been a mission of the founders of the festival, offering them an opportunity to give solo performances or join the St. Gellért Academy Orchestra.

Thanks to its acoustics and beauty, Szeged Cathedral ensures a special atmosphere for the concerts and makes it possible to enjoy classical music at its highest quality. For more than a decade, St. Gellért Festival has been committed to offer outstanding artistic, cultural and musical experiences for the old and new generations of the music loving audience.


Szeged-Csanádi logó