St. Gellert

International Music Festival

2023 Programme are finally here…


St. Gellert International Music Festival

A hagyományteremtő Szt. Gellért Fesztivál felemelő művészi, kulturális és különleges zenei élményeket ígér, valamint a legnagyobb természetességgel illeszkedik azon törekvések sorába, amelyek Szeged fesztiválvárossá válását segítik.

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St. Gellert International Music Festival

The tradition-building St. Gellért Festival promises an uplifting artistic, cultural and unique musical experience, and fits naturally into the efforts to make Szeged a festival city.

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All concerts are free of charge (except the Early Arrivals Foundation concert).
No pre-registration is required, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Régió-10. Kft. | Tel: +36-62-710-500 | Email:



01 October 2023 (Sunday)

01.10. Sunday /Szeged Dom / 20:00 h Orchestra Concert III. Charity Concert for the Foundation Korábban Érkeztem, Hungarian foundation for premature babies and their families

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02 October 2023 (Monday)

02.10. Monday / Szeged Dom / 20:00 h Orchestra Concert III. “Let artistic aspirations from Korea, Poland, China and Hungary fuse into one global celebration!”

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Intendant and Artistic Director

About Yoon Kuk Lee

Born and raised in South Korea, Yoon Kuk Lee received his earliest musical training from his mother. At the age of 13, he immigrated with his family to America, where he graduated from a special science and math high school in New York and enrolled at Williams College.

From Yoon Kuk Lee

I welcome you warmly to the St. Gellert Festival 2023.  We have some exciting news! The festival established a new ensemble with original period instruments St. Gellert Baroque Players (leader Mónika Tóth) which will give its very first performance in Bakonybél where St. Gellert made his legendary hermetic retreat, exactly 1000 years ago.


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